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Friends Only! [09.23.04 at 12:43am]

If you dont like outspoken people. Dont add me.
If you dont like sarcastic people. Dont add me.
If you dont like bad-mouthed people. Dont add me.
If you dont like people posting pictures. Dont add me.
If YoU TyPE LyK DiSs!. Dont add me.
If you wont comment or at least get to know me. Dont add me.
If you are going to bitch about or judge what i said. Dont add me.

This is my personal journal and i dont want everyone knowing about my life. If you seem interested..add me

I dont get e-mails from lj anymore. So comment in my other journal [##] that you added me. I do get emails now, so comment below. ♥ And also. Dont take any of that stuff and think you will get away with it.

I might sound a bit bitchy but i have strick rules about people who read about my life. I dont like stalkers.

[Also this is a new friends-only page for my current friends. I had to make another one because my original got screwed up. Thats why i have less comments than i used too.]
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